Saturday, November 03, 2012

Ciabatta with chorizo, brie and sundried tomatoes

Simple and sooooo tastey.

All done on the griddle in a couple of minutes.
The basil makes it.

1/3 loafciabatta; Sliced along the flat.
2 slicesbrie
2 halfssundried tomatoes; soaked and cjopped
2 sliceschorizo; large diameter thin cut
4 leavesbasil
1/2 wholetomato; sliced

Ciabatta with chorizo, brie and sundried tomatoes Preparation

Cut the ciabatta down the middle rather than in slices.
Griddle the top of the ciabatta first.
add the tomatoes to the griddle and loose some of the moister.
put the chorizo slices on. and let some of the oil come out.
Move the slices and put the ciabatta onto the oil to finish toasting.
Add the sundried tomatoes to the other tomatoes.
Put the brie on top of the tomatoes.
Remove the ciabatta.
Put the chorizo on.
top with the tomato cheese mix.
Put a the basil leaves on.
Top of with the ciabatta top.
Cut in two and serve.


You can use sundried tomatoes kept in oil straight up but if they are dried or vacuum packed then soak them for a few hours in warm water before using.
You will find it difficult to get a tastier sandwich.
To make it more authentically Italian you could use mozzarella but I like the brie. It melts easier and gives a better mouth feel to the sandwich

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