Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mushroom Pappardelle Pasta (Cheat)

Orfy's Mushroom Pappardelle Pasta
       I had lunch out but it wasn't exactly what you call gourmet. So left with the yearning for good food but no real appetite to eat or again or spend too much more money or have a large meal, I decided to cook at home.
I wanted a pasta that would be silky smooth and hold the sauce well. The Answer - Pappardelle.
The problem Saturday afternoon in Warrington and finding Pappardelle! Yes I could of made it but I was feeling lazy. The Solution. Buy sheets of fresh lasagne pasta and cut your own.

The key with this dish is preparation and there is not a lot of that. It is very quick to cook and put together.

Pappardelle Pasta or Fresh lasagne cut into 3cm wide strips.
Portabella Mushrooms (Or mushroom of your choice)
Chopped garlic
Fresh chopped parsley
Small amount of fresh thyme
Small amount of fresh finely chopped red chilli (Seeds removed if it's an hot chilli you wan a warming effect rather than real heat)
Crushed black pepper
Salt to taste
Fresh grated Parmasen
Knob of Butter
Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Bring a pan of salted water to the boil.
Heat a skillet pan and add a good glug of EVOO and then the butter I don't like the ban to get to hot because it'll make the butter burn and the garlic bitter.
Add the garlic and chilli followed by the mushrooms, parsley and thyme. These ingredients want heating and softening do not cook too harshly. Add the black pepper. Add a little salt to taste if required. I use only a tiny pinch of sea salt flakes.
Put the pasta in the pan of water for a minute or two. Just enough to heat and soften it. It will finish in the other pan. 
Add the juice of half a lemon to the mushrooms. and turn up the heat a little
Add the softened pasta to the mushroom pan (I usually add a spoonful of the pasta water at this time ) along with the grated Parmasen and toss.
let finish for a minute or so to allow the pasta to soak up the flavours
Serve in a large pasta bowl and if required garnish with more parmasen, olive oil, black pepper and parsley.


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