Sunday, May 27, 2012


I BBQ alot. Yhe last BBQ I had was a £400 beast. Considering that it's not gas that's a lot to pay but it was worth it. but after 7 years of constant all year round use (Over use) It's worn out and needs time, effort and some money spending on it, With a heayvish heart it's been moved out of prime spot until I can find a use for it or send it the the BBQ beach party in the sky.
I've not come across a bbq that I'd be happy with, for a reasonable price and the ones I've seen at any price are a comprise on the features I want.
So the only option was to collect parts over the last 12 months. After building a mock up to finalise the format I left it until now to make sure nothing better turned up.
Total cost is one bag of sand and cement (That will also get used for other things).
So I'd put it at a cost of <3.00 The bricks have been collected from various places. The fire grate is from the old bbq. and the other bits are from old scrap ovens and appliances.
I tested the mock up several times and was never quite happy with the fires performance. It either burnt to slow and not completely or too fast and hot. The solution was quite simple make sure the fire camber was draft free apart from a feed below the grate fed by removing a half brick. Once burning well the hole is damped as require to slow the burn.
The fire starts easily, the flames heat the top griddle, the grills can be pulled out so you can cook be the side of the heat rather than directly over it. There are four grill positions and you can use two grills and the griddle at the same time. The fuel burns to dust so it should never need cleaning between uses, It's all stainless so doesn't need covering.
The only thing it missing in an ideal world is a lid so I can only grill and griddle on it. With a lid I could bake and roast. I need to inspiration for the design and parts for to happen.
It's next to the fire monkey rocket stove and I have left space for the next project. A hot and cold smoker.

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