Saturday, September 03, 2011

Mussels in Scrumpy

You know when you get a craving? Well I had a craving.
I couldn't fetch my self to pay £10 pp so I DIYed it.

Fresh Mussels in a scrumpy Sauce. Very nice it was to.
The only problem I have now is what to do with almost 2 litres of 7.5% scrumpy ;)

 To Finish off I made A coffee ice.

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  1. Thar reminds me! It's mussel season - off to watergate bay this weekend! which beach do you collect your mussels from? froogs

  2. The Market fish mongers.

    The Beaches around here I would not consider clean enough to risk.
    There are too many industries and commercial water traffic in a small area.

    I do collect them on holiday though.

    The prices aren't too bad when in season at around £2 for a bag big enough for a good size meal for 2. I even get the fish monger to chuck in a big bunch of parsley free.

  3. Good God that looks good! My mouth watered at all those photo's.