Sunday, September 04, 2011

Chicken Towers Extended.

Well not really extended, more remodelled.
We've gon from 3 to 4 to 6 chickens.
So the Sleeping area has been extended.
Half a days work with a cost of £0.00

This was the original.

Then moved with a Walk in Run added.

Now You can see the new wood.
I moved the internal wall back a foot or so, reducing the feeding shelf area.


  1. cool! chickenopolis! cluckingham palace! I would love some chicken advice, do they cost you or do they 'break even' or do they save you money. I don't have an allotment so would have cluckies in the garden, which would be lovely but i worry they will cost me more than i save - cheers - Froogs xx

  2. Mine are in the garden.

    I'm in front but I did it the frugal way.

    Up until now I've been content to save money by not buying eggs. The eggs are better than the freerange supermarket eggs.

    I made the coop from reclaimed/free wood. I pay under £7 each for the chickens.

    Recently we've kept account and sold some eggs. We have had the chickens money pay for all there own cost and I still have eggs for my self.