Monday, January 02, 2012

The Spoils of Normandy.

I have Just Spent a great week in Normandy over Christmas. For a food and drink lover it is heaven. For some one who hates the over commercialised and tacky free for all that starts in October on the run up to a few days then it is a good place to be over Christmas.
Bread, Cheese, Cider, Preserved Meats, Fish, Vegetables, Pastries, Coffee, they are all in abundance and in peak condition.
Dieppe it's self could not be easier to get on with. An apartment 5 minutes from the Ferry Port. 2 Minutes from the Fishing Port, On the Shore front and 2 minutes from the main shopping street.
The choice is fantastic.
I have too many picture for one post, So here is a taster of what Dieppe looks like and a few of the "Spoils" of the trip I returned home with.

Thanks, Peter and Brenda.

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The Spoils

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