Monday, October 31, 2011

Morning of cooking. Pate', Sausage and Cowboy Beans.

Sausages and Pate for the "Gout club". A jacob's table at one of the pubs I frequent.
Both dishes are quite straight forward to do but both very rewording in taste.

The sausage recipe is very straight forward. Sausage meat from a "real" butchers. One that does there own sausages so they understand what is required. Using on of those prepack tubes of sausage meat is not a good idea. It's basically rough minced pork (Jowl, Neck, shoulder, belly etc.) Paprika, salt, pepper and fresh chilli to taste.
Add it all to a bowl. Make sure the pork is really cold. Put in the freezer for a while and take it out when it starts going firm.This makes it a little more workable and means it's not going to warm up to much.

Ensure your hands are hygienically clean and mix.

Thread the rinsed skin onto the funnel.
This is enough skin for around 30" of sausage

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