Sunday, January 08, 2012

Faggots (£1 meal)

Inspired By Frugal Queen

Faggots for tea.
After reading Froogs's blog I wanted faggots and in keeping with the frugality I used what was best value and what I could get. I also wanted to keep the recipe simple and easy and cheap. Liver and heart is probably more traditional. If you can get hold of caul fat to wrap them in then all the better (I couldn't)

Prep time around 20 minutes
Total cooking time 2 hours at 180C

This is what you need. (Well what I used)

For the faggots.
0.5 kilo pork/beef mince. (Asda £1.49)
0.5 Kilo cooking bacon (Tesco £0.99) - asda have 1kg for £1.50 at present
0.5 Kilo Lambs Kidney (Tesco £1.45)
0.5 Kilo Onions (Lidl £0.35)
0.5 loaf of wholemeal bread (Lidl £0.30)
0.5 bulb of garlic (15p)
0.5 desert spoon pepper
0.5 desert spoon salt
0.5 hand full sage leaves
1 desert spoon full paprika

For the gravy
(Make how you want but this is how I'm doing it)
0.5 kilo of onions (Lidl £0.35p)
0.5 bouquet garni
0.5 pint mixed tomato sauce/brown sauce
0.5 tub Tesco value gravy granules (10p)
2.5 pints boiling water

Condiments/Herbs etc I've not counted because it's minimal I buy them in bulk and/or I have them lying around or grow them at the allotment I've added 50p for these and sundries.

Total cost of £5.68
I't made 15 large faggot @ 38p each . I think 1 is enough per serving with Mash and cabbage or peas @30p per portion.
That's way under £1 per serving.

Make the half loaf into bread crumbs then using what ever means you (Mixer/chopper/Mincer or by hand) finely chop and mix the ingredients for the faggots without making it into a paste but fine enough to hold together and be formed into a ball. I roll into a ball larger than a golf ball but smaller than a tennis ball using my hands has a mould. I roll in flour to help them brown, stop sticking and give a crust.

Smear your cooking vessels with a little fat or oil so the faggots don't stick.
I have a large tagine so I'm using the base of that. A couple of roasting tins will do just fine.

Put the faggots in at 180C for 90 minutes, then make the gravy.

Saute' the onion in a little fat/oil until soft, brown to what ever stage you like and had a few herbs if you wish. Add the red sauce, brown sauce. around 10 heaped teaspoons of the gravy granules. Pep up with a little Worcestershire sauce or other condiment if you like. (Sliced mushrooms add flavour and bulk if you have any)

After the 90 minutes turn the faggots, add the gravy and return for another 30 minutes. (I turned up to 220c because I wanted to put a loaf in.)

This may look odd but it works for this dish (Thanks Froogs)

Add 2.5pt of boiling water and mix.

Enough food For 10 to 15 main portion. I couldn't finish my serving. The sauce went well with the faggot and mash. The peas added nice texture.
I will try this again. Maybe with liver and/or hearts.

Goes well with an English ale.

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  1. That sounds like a lot of ingredients for faggots, a lot of work and a lot of cooking time. Faggots to me should be simple as they were supposed to be cheap. The only meat in our family recipe (Welsh recipe), going back well over a hundred years, is lambs liver and I can't describe to you how tasty they are. We used to wrap them in caul but they work well without it.

    Having read your ingredient list yours must have been very tasty too. Making me hungry!